Albania Outrage

The shocking death of a businessman turned whistle-blower has triggered comment across the Albanian blogging community. Kosta Trebicka provided powerful testimony on the ammunition trade in Albania and developments leading to the Gerdec catastrophe.

Trebicka was found dead near his car in a remote area, apparently after going on a solo hunting trip. Experts from the FBI in Washington have joined the investigation because Trebicka also testified to the US Congress on the ammunition affair.

Bloggers are furious. Some blame the government, saying an obvious cover-up is in progress. Others question such accusations, saying Albania’s leaders had no interest in getting rid of Trebicka, since prosecutors already have his testimony.

“From all I have read, it seems like an accident, and for me it’s not normal to politicise somebody’s death,” writes Endri at shekulli.

Writing at peshkupauje, Fredi believes Trebicka’s death is bad news for Albanian Prime Minister Sali Berisha, if for no other reason than people will automatically suspect him of collusion. “But why would Berisha eliminate Trebicka? If he really felt endangered by testimony, he could act differently — closing his mouth with money or other favours as happens commonly in the business world.”

By contrast, Skenderbeu is sure the death “was no accident”.

“It’s a typical mafia murder — elimination of witnesses,” he writes. “One thing I’m sure of: in the next elections, Berisha and Co. won’t get my ballot.”

Lejla, however, blasts Berisha’s political opponents for using the case to score political points. “This is unbelievable for me, and this political tactic is disgusting to me,” she writes. “Everything bad that is happening in Albania they are trying to pin on the government. They don’t even care about Albania– they just want to win the election.”

Finally, Detari warns against amateur detective work. “Each and every one of us tries to play the crime expert. I know that you saw many TV series about very complicated crimes, but TV and real life are two very different things,” he writes.


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